Letter are my favorite gift! Have the students practice their letter writing skills. Anything they want to tell or ask me, I will read it!

Drawings and Cards
Second only to getting letters, is getting drawings and cards. The students can draw bicycles, hearts, greeting cards, their school, or anything that comes to mind.

Presentation Questions
I'm coming to your school - lets get those questions ready. Have the students write down one question they would like to ask during the presentation. Not only does this prepare the students for my arrival but it helps the flow and timing of the presentation, allowing me to speak to as many students as possible.

Have a question? Send me an email! I'll do my best to answer as many as possible. Ask the students what they would like to ask me; or maybe as a class come up with your top 5 question every week. Please be sure to include City, School, Teacher's name, and Grade level. Send emails to: cycle@cycleforheart.org

City Visitors Guide
What would you like to show me about your city? As a project make a flyer or brochure showing off the highlights of your school and city. Or have each student come up with their own flyer.

As a class come up with an alphabet poem - where each sentence starts with a letter of the alphabet consecutively. Or have the students come up with their own short poems. Have the poems be about your city or school, crossing the country, hearts and health, cycling, being a volunteer, or all the above.

Create a map of the USA and mark out my route. Form into large groups and be creative - like using string to connect my major stops. Or draw small maps and list each state that I will travel through.