Here's just a small sampling of expeditions I've done in the past

2014 - eAST AFRICA

1710 miles | 41 days | August 2014 | Lac Assal Djibouti to Mt. Kilimanjaro Tanzania

In 125-degree weather, Figuredia and two partners faced insecure lodging, food poisoning, heat exhaustion, water shortages, and sandstorms. As they dodged sticks, rocks, bull whips, and at one point a machete and a lion spear by hostile locals in Ethiopia, Figureida and crew did eventually go from the lowest point of elevation in Africa to highest despite the constant mayhem. 

2014 - california to florida

2957 miles | 54 days | April 2014 | San Ysidro California to Atlantic Beach Florida

South of San Diego, there is an open nature preserve on a beach with at least 370 different bird species and scattered green Torrey pines among the wetlands and coastal dunes, but the wild beauty is broken by a 15-foot border fence that runs down the mountain and extends out and into the ocean. Figuredia smiled and nodded to a waving child on the other side of the border and with both feet on the pedals, he began this route of southern grit, warming up his legs for the next challenge: Africa. 

2012 - lowest point in north america to highest and back

7493 miles | 145 days | March 2012 | Badwater Death Valley California to Mt. McKinley Alaska and Back

At the Canada-US border, the patrol officer said to Figureida: "You have a few screws loose but you are fee to go,” a phrase that seemingly embodies this epic round trip from the lowest point in North America to highest and back. To date Figuredia is the only person recorded to bicycle the remote Alaskan Highway in the winter and when his health began to fail on the summit to Mt. Mckinley, the howling wildlife was his only constant companion.

2011 - Maine to Washington

4295 miles | 84 days | August 2011 | Fort Kent Maine to Neah Bay Washington

From Hurricane Irene on the east coast to roaring Niagara Falls, the gusty Great Lakes region to 50mph head winds in Montana—this was a trip of prevailing air streams and eccentric lodging. In the middle of the Mississippi River on an island, three Monks hosted Figuredia at the Lasallian Ministry, which is connected to the high school of cartoonist Charles Schulz, who drew upon his alma mater for the famous Peanuts Gang comics.