Cycle For Heart : Chris Figureida cycles across the country to promote fitness. American Heart Association Rotary International : Ventura Club
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About Chris

Chris Figureida

Create Your Badge Know who you are, know who you want to be, and follow your dreams.
A. C. Figureida

Describing Chris’s feats and exploits would be like describing something straight out of the Travel or Discovery channel. Perhaps, this is the case because Chris touts himself as an "Indiana Jones wannabe," and has set out to be exactly that: An adventure-loving maker of magic, a romantic, a dreamer, hardworking, persistent, capable, nature savvy, kind, resourceful... I could go on and on here.

Chris has been a lover of nature, travel, and the outdoors for his entire life. I’ve known Chris since we were eleven, and have never known him to be anything other than a boy scout at heart: To help other people at all times; to keep himself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight.

He is a skilled rock-climber and ice climber, mountaineer, runner and an avid cyclist. He has backpacked and trekked, climbed, swam, cycled, fished, scaled, rappelled, run, sailed, raced, [Insert any other action verb here] across the world. As described by him:

I have ridden elephants in Thailand, watched lions and hyenas walk around my tent in the Serengeti, kayaked in the Sea of Cortez, hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, watched the sun rise over Africa from the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro, dove in the Channel Islands, seen Cambodia from the back of a pickup truck, fed giraffes in Kenya, walked the beaches of Zanzibar, driven the Alaskan Highway, canyoneered slot canyons in Zion, and chased trains all over Europe from Greece to Sweden.

I have rock climbed all over southern California; nationally in Zion NP in Utah, Wind Rivers Range in Wyoming, and internationally in Thailand, Germany, the Czech Republic, Peru, and Sweden. Being very new to the mountaineering world, my bests include Mount Shasta in 5h 32min on the Avalanche Gulch route; and my highest summit is Chanchani Volcano in southern Peru at 6075m/19931 ft.

When I asked Chris why he wants to do this, he answered, simply "because I want to engage people - and especially kids, our leaders of tomorrow - to know that they can make a difference too - starting with themselves and healthy habits. Every day." I laughed because I think his answer, sums up and embodies what Chris is all about. His carpe diem attitude and can do spirit. He leads by example, and he wants the people he talks to and meets while on his cycling journey to know that they can make a difference too.

His personal philosophy is simple. He says: "I want to make the most of everyday and follow my dreams."

He believes in never settling for second best, in always doing what is best for him, and surrounding himself by those he most wants to be like. He always says "persistence and desire is what separates those who make it to the top and those who do not. Persistence comes from the mind and desire comes from the heart."

In addition to being very persistent, Chris is versatile and intuitive. He is quick to understand people and situations because he observes and listens well. He is always receptive to new ideas and atmospheres. Two things, however, I suspect Chris doesn’t realize are that the people he surrounds himself with are inspired by him and want to be more like him and that while he may think that all he is doing is making himself happy, the things he is doing in the world, the goals he is setting for himself and accomplishing inspire and make others very happy as well.

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Chris’ Experience
Climbed Mt. Aconcagua via the Polish Traverse. Was solo and unsupported. Decent via the Normal Route

Bicycled from Buenos Aires Argentina to Mendoza Argentina, 950 miles in 15 days. Was solo and unsupported.

Bicycled from Key West Florida to Quebec City, Quebec Canada, 2953 miles in 67 days. Was solo and unsupported while camping, giving presentations, and meeting with politicians along the way.

Bicycled across the US, from Neah Bay Washington to Key West Florida, 4260 miles in 78 days. Was solo and unsupported while camping, giving presentations, and meeting with politicians along the way.

Bicycled across the US, from Ventura California to Lubec Maine, 3746 miles in 64 days. Was solo and unsupported while camping, giving presentations, and meeting with politicians along the way.

Bicycled from the Canadian to the Mexican Border along the US Pacific Coast. 1800 miles in 21 days, at an average of 86 miles per day. Was solo and unsupported while camping every night.

Guided and organized a trip to Zion N.P. in Utah for 6 people. Set up all arrangements, equipment, and actives. Highlight was successfully guiding the group through the Pine Creek slot canyon.

Guided and organized trips to Mt. Whitney in California for a total of 15 people. Successful summit via the Mountaineers Route every time.

Guided and organized a trip to the Wind Rivers Range in Wyoming for 4 people. Hiking 60 miles in one week in an alpine environment.

Organized a solo trip to Europe for 12 weeks. Toured 12 countries. Highlights included Paris, northern Italy, the Greek islands, central Prague, and the west coast of Sweden.

Organized a trip to Tanzania, Kenya, and Ireland for 2 people. 5 week trip. Highlights included climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, camping in the Serengeti, coral reefs off Zanzibar, and feeding giraffes.

Organized a trip to Peru for 3 people. 4 week trip. Highlights included hiking the Inca Trail to Machu Pichu, sailing on Lake Titicaca, and climbing to the 19931 foot summit of Chachani volcano.

Organized a trip to Thailand and Cambodia for 2 people. 3 week trip. Highlights included Angkor Watt, elephant touring through the jungle, and climbing the limestone cliffs along the Indian Ocean.

Climbed solo up Mt. Shasta in California. Completed 7000 vertical feet of climbing over a distance of 7 miles in 5 1/2 hours. Held a small record for that season.

Moved to Alaska for 7 months. Highlights included driving the Alaskan Highway, ice climbing on the Matanuska Glacier, watching the Northern Lights, and living 40 miles from Mt. McKinley in Denali N.P.

Moved to Sweden for 4 months. Highlights included working, climbing, learning Swedish culture and language, touring the country.

Numerous rad trips through 14 U.S. States. Highlights included Death Valley CA, San Francisco CA, Owens Valley CA, Mesa Verde CO, Boulder CO, Oregon Coast, San Rafael Wilderness UT, Capitol Reef UT, Manhattan NY, Jackson WY, and Seattle WA.

Numerous road trips through the Baja Peninsula. Highlights included diving, fishing, and kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, climbing in the central desert, and off-road driving.