Cycle For Heart : Chris Figureida cycles across the country to promote fitness. American Heart Association Rotary International : Ventura Club
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Aug-26 Fort Kent - Presque Isle Oct-05 Milwaukee
Aug-27 Presque Isle - Brookton Oct-06 Milwaukee - Madison
Aug-28 Brookton - Lubec Oct-07 Madison
Aug-29 Lubec Oct-08 Madison - Tomah
Aug-30 Lubec - Bangor Oct-09 Tomah - Eau Claire
Aug-31 Bangor Oct-10 Eau Claire WI - St. Paul MN
Oct-11 St. Paul
Sep-01 Bangor - Augusta Oct-12 Minneapolis
Sep-02 Augusta Oct-13 Minneapolis - St. Cloud
Sep-03 Augusta - Bethel Oct-14 St. Cloud - Brainerd
Sep-04 Bethel- Mt. Washington NH Oct-15 Brainerd
Sep-05 Mt. Washington- Montpelier VT Oct-16 Brainerd - Perham
Sep-06 Montpelier Oct-17 Perham MN - Fargo ND
Sep-07 Montpelier - Fair Haven Oct-18 Fargo
Sep-08 Fair Haven VT - Albany NY Oct-19 Fargo - Jamestown
Sep-09 Albany Oct-20 Jamestown - Bismarck
Sep-10 Albany - Utica Oct-21 Bismarck
Sep-11 Utica - Syracuse Oct-22 Bismarck - Richardton
Sep-12 Syracuse Oct-23 Richardton - Medora
Sep-13 Syracuse - Rochester Oct-24 Medora, ND - Glendive MT
Sep-14 Rochester Oct-25 Glendive - Miles City
Sep-15 Rochester - Buffalo Oct-26 Miles City - Hysham
Sep-16 Buffalo Oct-27 Hysham - Billings
Sep-17 Buffalo NY - Erie PA Oct-28 Billings
Sep-18 Erie PA - Cleveland OH Oct-29 Billings - Big Timber
Sep-19 Cleveland Oct-30 Big Timber - Bozeman
Sep-20 Cleveland - Catawba Island Oct-31 Bozeman
Sep-21 Catawba Island
Sep-22 Catawba Island - Toledo Nov-01 Bozeman - Butte
Sep-23 Toledo Nov-02 Butte - Helena
Sep-24 Toledo OH - Ann Arbor MI Nov-03 Helena
Sep-25 Ann Arbor - Detroit Nov-04 Helena - Missoula
Sep-26 Detroit Nov-05 Missoula - Superior
Sep-27 Detroit - Flint Nov-06 Superior MT - Pinehurst ID
Sep-28 Flint Nov-07 Pinehurst ID - Spokane WA
Sep-29 Flint - Lansing Nov-08 Spokane
Sep-30 Lansing Nov-09 Spokane - Moses Lake
Nov-10 Moses Lake - Leavenworth
Oct-01 Lansing - Benton Harbor Nov-11 Leavenworth
Oct-02 Benton Harbor MI - Chicago IL Nov-12 Leavenworth - Everett
Oct-03 Chicago Nov-13 Everett
Oct-04 Chicago IL - Milwaukee WI Nov-14 Everett - Seattle